Lawn Care

How to Make Your Landscaping Look Great All Year Round

Your landscaping is a huge part of creating a strong first impression of your home, as well as allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space. There are many ways to help your landscaping look its best all year round, and we’re here to help with these simple tips:

  • Consider maintenance needs. Some plants need more maintenance than others; others need time to get established, but then do well independently. Do you enjoy gardening as a hobby, or do you prefer spending minimal time on maintenance? Knowing this will greatly help in planning your landscaping to suit your wants and needs.
  • Plant strategically. It’s easy to choose plants that look beautiful, but not all plants are suitable for the climate of the South-Central US. Look for plants that are heat tolerant and can tough it out in hot, humid conditions. There are many native Texas plants that will add color and beauty to your landscaping, including Helen’s Flower, Rain Lily, Turk’s Cap, and Bugbane.
  • Use winter to your advantage. The colder months are the perfect time to prepare garden beds for the spring. Putting down a thick layer of compost allows a few months for the compost to decompose, and your soil will absorb all the nutrients by springtime. Continue to water and fertilize your lawn during the winter, so the grass does not regress.

A surefire way to make your landscaping look stunning all year is to trust your property to the professionals. Our team will provide all the landscaping services you need to help you achieve the yard you’ve always wanted. Bring light and life to your yard by letting us create a landscape you will love.