Stone Edging

Stone edging can give your landscape the perfect finishing touch.

In the landscaping industry, edging refers to the process of creating neat lines to separate different areas within a yard. For instance, bricks or shrubs can be used to define garden areas or to highlight a patio space. Although there are many different types of materials and plants that can be used for landscape edging, our team here at Four Seasons Landscape specializes in stone edging.

Stone edging uses stone borders to accentuate different spaces within a landscape, and it offers a much more natural look compared to plastic or rubber edging. By surrounding your gardens, trees, and other features with stone borders, it creates a more organic look that many Texas homeowners find charming and beautiful. If you’re curious about whether this landscaping element is right for your yard, keep reading to discover the other benefits of stone edging.

To install stone edging, our team will first measure and mark the areas where the stone borders will need to be placed. Depending on your personal preferences, we can mark areas around garden beds, patios, sidewalks, or even your driveway to ensure that we supply enough material. Once we’ve thoroughly measured everything, we’ll get to work on creating small trenches where we’ll place the stones and level them out. To ensure that the stone borders stay even and avoid becoming loose, our team will use the extra soil we dug out to secure the stones and fill in any gaps between the materials. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have beautifully defined spaces that will accentuate your favorite spots on your property.

To learn more about your options for stone edging, please feel free to contact our team today.

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